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Community Health Commitment

Please log in to your account to sign our Community Health Commitment Form. If have students in grades 6 - 12, they must also read and sign the form.

The Seven Hills School will welcome students back to campus in August 2020 for in-person learning. This return to campus is only possible if all students, faculty, staff and community members adhere to the School’s safety protocols that have been designed to meet federal, state and local emergency orders, relevant public health guidelines, and are based on guidance from the School’s public health advisors. 

This Community Health Commitment explains the responsibilities and obligations for students - and their families – who return to campus next year. Please take the time to read it carefully. If you intend to have your children return to campus, it is especially important that both you and your children understand how life on campus will be different this year and what your obligations will be as members of the School community. Please be assured that similar and equivalent responsibilities will apply to faculty and staff on campus. 

The School prioritizes the health, safety, and welfare of every member of its community, but cannot predict how the COVID-19 pandemic will evolve and cannot guarantee a COVID-19-free environment. Because asymptomatic people may transmit the virus to others who will become critically ill or die from the disease, it is critical to exercise caution. Preventing the spread of the virus requires the diligence, sustained effort, and patience of our entire community. The School will take all reasonable steps to create a safe environment, but cannot guarantee a risk-free campus. 

You cannot rely on the School alone to protect you or your children. You also bear responsibility for and have the ability to protect your child(ren) and your own health and safety. By signing this commitment, you agree that you will do your part, and you and your family will continuously monitor and comply with the School’s and federal, state, and local public health rules and protective measures. The School’s current return to School safety rules and procedures in effect will be available on the School’s website and will be updated periodically, becoming more permissive or more restrictive as circumstances warrant. This situation is ongoing and fluid.  As such, the School reserves the right to amend or withdraw its reopening plan and COVID-19 safety policies and procedures, with or without notice.

You can expect the School’s  reopening plan and safety policies and procedures will include some or all of the following:

• Monitoring child(ren)’s wellness on an ongoing basis and keeping students home from when you suspect an illness

• Promptly reporting to the School any COVID-19 symptoms

• Picking children up from School promptly when directed

• Submitting to temperature checks and other health questions

• Complying strictly with all quarantine or isolation directives

• Providing the medical information and/or test results required before returning to campus after an illness

• Answering questions and providing the information necessary for effective contact tracing 

• Wearing masks or other authorized protective face coverings, as directed.

• Adhering to the guidelines on handwashing, cleaning, and sanitization of shared spaces and contact surfaces as developed by the CDC and adopted by the School

• Social distancing of more than 6’ whenever possible

• Avoiding using shared material or shared spaces

• Limiting unnecessary visits to campus and abiding by the established protocols for doing so

• Subject to limited medical, religious, or other exemption authorized by law, receiving a seasonal flu shot.

• Avoiding crowded gatherings, events, parties, or get-togethers, whenever possible, and adhering to sensible social distancing and masking protocols even when off-campus.

By coming back onto campus, you and your family agree to monitor and comply with the federal, state, local and the School’s COVID-19 public health rules and protective measures. This School is taking all reasonable steps to mitigate the coronavirus risk and expect you to do the same to protect yourself and those around you. It also will be more important than ever to be kind, patient, and respectful to each other as we all adjust to this new normal together. Each of us may need a friendly reminder from time to time if we forget or stray from the new requirements on campus. We will all be better off the more we can give and receive these reminders with goodwill and cooperation. At the same time, the School will enforce the public health requirements and its protective measures in a manner consistent with our overall campus culture and educational philosophies, and repeated or serious infractions may result in corrective action, discipline or prohibition from campus. 

By returning to campus, you agree that you and your child(ren) will monitor and comply with the School’s COVID-19 public health rules and protective measures and any order from the state and local public health officials.  You understand that any failure to comply with these policies, orders or guidance may be subject to sanction or discipline in accordance with School policies. 

Please log in to your account to sign our Community Health Commitment Form. If have students in grades 6 - 12, they must also read and sign the form.